Do you accept insurance?

Do you work with physicians?
All of the time. We are open to working with many different types of professionals. We are heavily referred by many physicians also.

Can you help with cancer?
We don’t directly work on the cancer we try to support the body during such a crisis and educate the individual on supporting the body to the fullest. This will always be helpful for anyone with a serious health crisis.

Do you have success?
Yes, absolutely have seen amazing returns to health. The key is the individual and how willing they are to make the changes to return back to health.

Have you worked with people for many years?
We have over a decade of experience and have seen thousands of people.

What should I expect in a consult?
Troy Farwell Doctor of Natural Medicine will take his time listening to you and getting to know you and and your concerns. He will go through a series of questions to gain more insight into your health concerns. He may take your pulse, look at your tongue and perhaps muscle test you using QRA and finally he will make some health recommendations. (It may be a good idea to take notes, bring pen and paper) Every program is unique and custom to the client.

What is the rejuvenation programs you offer?
After many years, Troy has come up with a cost saving and overall improved results driven program by offering rejuvenation packages. Most people start with an initial consultation, and if Troy recommends a rejuvenation package it is because it is necessary. He will never recommend products or more consults that are unnecessary. The majority of time, Troy recommends the rejuvenation 5 session package, if someone needs extra help he may recommend the rejuvenation 8 package. There are some people who are looking for a significant deep change in their life from the mind, body and spirit and the best package for that is the 12 session year of change package. This year of change program is scheduled once a month for one year.

I don’t live locally, can I still work with Troy?
Yes, Troy takes phone consultations every week. He is working on a new Skype type services in the near future. Feel free to schedule your appointment, just make sure you tell them when scheduling that it is a phone consult and leave a number for him to contact you. Also make sure your time zones are correct, Eastern time is what we recognize.