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A Wellness Consultation is your next step in educating yourself on how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You as a consumer have several options in the market-place with regards to finding a respected and trusted practitioner. We would like to give you yet another perhaps new perspective on finding a practitioner.

We do not diagnose or treat a disease like cancer or IBS, what we do is help educate the individual and give them educational tools that will help in their return to Health. The goal for us is to create a balanced individual and help expose and alleviate the cause of the disease or ailment. We have never healed anyone, the individual heals their own health and we give them the education and some tools that can be beneficial. We hope you join us on your return to health.

All consultations are conducted via Telephone or TeleHealth.

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Troy Farwell, D.N.M. MS, MH, RAP, RAH, HHP

Troy Farwell, D.N.M. MS, MH, RAP, RAH, HHP

To learn more about Troy Farwell please visit his Bio page.

Troy Farwell Holistic Health is an educational wellness provider, providing education to individuals looking for specific knowledge with health concerns. It is 100% the individual learner’s responsibility to take advantage of the education provided. There are no guarantees with any Troy Farwell Holistic Health program or consultation. It is 100% the individual learner’s responsibility to take responsibility for their individual health and make sure all educational programs, services and consultation sessions are in adherence with their individual health care providers. Troy Farwell Holistic Health does not diagnose or acts as a medical facility.

All health and health-related information discussed within an Troy Farwell Holistic Health consultation is intended to be general in nature and should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment by a health care professional. Your health-care provider should be consulted regarding matters concerning the medical condition, treatment and needs of you and your family.

Any consultation cancellations must be within 24 hours from the time of the original time of the consultation. If an extreme situation arises please email us ASAP, so we can make proper accommodations. If a consultation appointment is missed without proper cancellation of 24 hour notice the client must pay $100 to reschedule the appointment.