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This program will combine Troy’s 20 plus years working as a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Daoist Priest. This unique and custom program will dive deep into a client’s wellness, focusing not just on the body but on the essential elements of balancing the three treasures (mind, body, and spirit). If you want a transformation in yourself please sign up and experience what true Inner Alchemy feels like. “The life we live is our responsibility and our happiness and health is s reflection of what we do, if you want to transform your life into becoming the best version of YOU than start acting like it and do something about it” – Troy Farwell DNM

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– 30 day month-to-month program

– All sessions are conducted via Telephone or TeleHealth

– Must be paid in full prior to first session – No refunds

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Troy Farwell, D.N.M. MS, MH, RAP, RAH, HHP

Troy Farwell, D.N.M. MS, MH, RAP, RAH, HHP

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Troy Farwell Holistic Health is an educational wellness provider, providing education to individuals looking for specific knowledge with health concerns. It is 100% the individual learner’s responsibility to take advantage of the education provided. There are no guarantees with any Troy Farwell Holistic Health program or consultation. It is 100% the individual learner’s responsibility to take responsibility for their individual health and make sure all educational programs, services and consultation sessions are in adherence with their individual health care providers. Troy Farwell Holistic Health does not diagnose or acts as a medical facility.

All health and health-related information discussed within an Troy Farwell Holistic Health consultation is intended to be general in nature and should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment by a health care professional. Your health-care provider should be consulted regarding matters concerning the medical condition, treatment and needs of you and your family.

All Payments are to be made in Full: Payment plans are available for the Rejuvenation Packages. Any missed appointments will be counted as a consultation and will be billed as one. A 24 hour notice is required for any cancellation. Email cancellation is NOT a form of cancellation accepted by Troy Farwell Holistic Health. Any missed consult will be billed at $50.00 and must be paid in full before next consult will be booked. There are no refunds on any programs after 7 days. No refunds on individual consults.