Life Transformation



This program will combine Troy’s 20 plus years working as a Natural Health Practitioner, Life Coach and Spiritual Guide. This unique and custom program will dive deep into a client’s wellness, focusing not just on the body but on the essential elements of balancing the three treasures (mind, body, and spirit).

If you want a transformation in yourself please sign up and experience what true Radiant Living feels like.

“The life we live is our responsibility and our happiness and health is s reflection of what we do, if you want to transform your life into becoming the best version of YOU than start acting like it and do something about it” – Troy Farwell DNM

Are you ready to do the work?

– 4 sessions. 1-hour in length.
– All sessions done via phone or Zoom Video Conferencing
– Must be paid in full prior to first session
– No refunds
– All sessions must be completed within 35 days of payment